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1981 Reunion

Dad's in the blue pants. Who else is there?

Change of command, May 1948.

American Legion delegation welcomed abord USS Atlanta, 3 October 1946.

Sailor watches surrendered Japanese Battleship Nagato heading back to Yokosuka.

Another view of the Nagato.

Dad sitting atop the aft fire control director.

Dad in Hawaii.

Atlanta sailors atop an American tank hit in Saipan.

Atlanta sailors around Japanese gun on Saipan.

Baracuda caught in the Captain's gig.

Various views in Manila.

F Division group photo.

Close up of F Division.

Burke - Miller

Brasier - Hitchins - Dudas

Ted Vilanova, I Div.Next to walls of Allied P.O.W. Camp at ground zero in Nagasaki

View of Nagasaki.

Ted Vilanova and Dick Jolly at ground zero in Nagasaki

Ted Vilanova and Dick Jolly.

Joe Castelli, Gene Milke and Dick Jolly at ground zero in Nagasaki

Captain Wilfrid Nyquist.

1st Division.